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Ewa Kaczmar


My name is Ewa Kaczmar, I am a veterinarian and a doctoral student at the Department of Clinical Diagnostics, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine in Olsztyn. I specialize in diagnosing and treating animals with the use of veterinary endoscopy. I carry out research in the field of diseases of the nasal cavity of dogs and cats, which became the subject of my doctoral dissertation.

Services based on endoscopic examinations are a niche on the local and national veterinary market and an extraordinary diagnostic tool for animal diseases, helpful for a growing number of veterinarians in the region. I believe that as a person full of energy and fascinated with my work, I gain the trust of a constantly growing group of clients, both among veterinarians as well as animal owners.

Endoscopy constitutes not only my work or the subject of my doctoral dissertation and scientific publications – it is primarily my passion. I’ve decided to share it with students by establishing the Student Science Club for Imaging Techniques in Diagnostics Diseases of Small Animals. My educational activity is not limited to the area of the University, I conduct training sessions for doctors who want to expand the scope of their competences. The increasing competition on the veterinary market resulted in that endoscopy became an extremely valuable and desirable skill in clinics.


I gain knowledge and skills in this field thanks to internships and numerous conferences conducted by world-class specialists in the field of animal endoscopy. I am a member of the international association ESCG – The European Society of Comparative Gastroenterology. My team is characterized by the current knowledge, experience, and unique equipment, enabling all kinds of endoscopic examinations of all animal.

I would love to become an authority in the field of animal endoscopy in the future, not only in Poland, but also abroad. Therefore, my goal consists in continuous and dynamic development, which will translate into conducting the highest quality training and building a network of veterinarians who, like me, deal with animal endoscopy. I would like it to take the form of the Polish Veterinary Association of Animal Endoscopy.